The Grooming Salon

Welcome to the The Grooming Salon - a unique grooming experience for your pet.

Our mission at the The Grooming Salon is to provide quality pet grooming and
promote a calm atmosphere for your pet. Our salon is conveniently located off of
Ventura Blvd. directly across from VCA Veterinary Specialists of the Valley.

As we all know, dogs and cats are more sensitive to sights, sounds, and smells. For
this reason, our staff is trained for more than just grooming, but the pampering of
the mind, body. Our staff is trained to help your pet be as comfortable, calm, and
relaxed as possible during their visit.

22126 Ventura Blvd. Woodland Hills, Ca 91364

Monday's CLOSED
Tuesday - Saturday 9A.M.
Sunday 10A.M.

We close when the last pet
goes home.
All of us here at The Grooming Salon are
animal lovers at heart. Whether your
pet is a regular or first timer . We
provide professional handling of all pets.
Call: (818) 340-8300

Text: (818) 233-0665

                                                      The Grooming Salon Located: 22126 Ventura Blvd. Woodland Hills Ca. 91364 Ph: 818-340-8300 Text Appt: 818-233-0665

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